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Industry Challenge

The Problem You Face :

Health Care in America is an extremely complex landscape. A system that often confounds even individuals within it can seem impossible to navigate for patients and their caregivers, leading to anger, frustration, and worse yet – negative health outcomes.

Providing patients with answers to their questions from a compassionate resource is critical to disseminating information and making the patient journey as painless as possible. But providing that support can be costly for providers and payers, leading to higher prices for patients and logistical challenges to meet their needs.

CodeBaby Avatar

Providing information and support to patients as quickly – and as accurately – as possible not only serves their needs but can change their perception of the process. Doing so compassionately can make them feel heard and understood.

Our Intelligent Virtual Assistants – our CodeBaby Avatars – are an effective, accessible way to guide your patients and members to finding the information that might otherwise require costly, limited human resources. Their design provides a warm, engaging experience that puts people at ease. When your patients and members feel heard, their entire experience improves. That’s why we’re here.

Time For a Demonstration

See It In Action:

Find a Doctor

Anna can walk you through a simulated experience of finding a plan doctor near home or work.

Check a Claim

Anna guides you through a simulated experience of verifying identity and checking the status of a claim.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Holly takes you through a remote patient check-in where you provide vitals and can ask condition-related questions.


Our pricing structures enable organizations from small companies to large enterprises to be able to leverage CodeBaby technology to improve their outcomes.

Per Interaction*

Customers pay for each completed “volley” – a question and answer set. Multiple volleys usually comprise a conversation.

Per User*

Customers pay per user, per month. This option allows for budgeting, and estimates are based on previous chatbot / call center volume and are re-assessed after an assigned period.

Per Device*

For contract customers integrating the avatar into a device-based solution, costs are assessed based on expected average number of interactions and are re-assessed after an assigned period.

*Minimum monthly fees may apply

Set Up Fees

For DIY users creating a standard avatar through available tools, a nominal fee is assessed to allocate an avatar and establish an account. This fee is waived if the user commits to an extended contract. For enterprise users, time-and-materials can be charged at the outset or amortized if a client signs a long-term contract.

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We’d be happy to talk to you to learn more about your needs (and how we can help), provide data about how we’ve helped others in the health care field, or to sign you up for a free 14-day sandbox trial of one of our CodeBaby Avatars.

Simply fill out the form below and one of our solutions specialists will reach out to find out how we can best help you deliver better outcomes and happier patients.

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