Ready for a Smart New Teammate?

CodeBaby’s avatars utilize more than artificial intelligence – we use emotional intelligence – making it easier and more effective to serve your customers. 

About Our Mission

At CodeBaby, we have a mission to create a tool that gives people access to complex, life-improving technologies while making them feel heard and understood. To do this we have layered emotional intelligence and artificial intelligence to make an accessible technology.

What Can an Avatar Do For You?

Most of us are already pretty familiar with what a chatbot can offer to our online customers.  How are avatars an improvement over the typical chatbot experience?  Well, chatbots that are driven by Natural Language Processing (NLP) are already much more capable than traditional chatbots – and our avatars build on that existing advantage. 

Our avatars use NLP – and a LOT more – to improve the user experience and your outcomes.

CodeBaby Avatar Advantages



A caring face, a kind voice, and a listening ear – avatars add empathy to the user experience – which increases connection and engagement.

Visual Engagement

Characters increase engagement over traditional chatbots or IVRs and lead to better understanding and retention of information.




Features of CodeBaby Avatars


Not only are our avatar interfaces built to be WCAG compliant, but adding a CodeBaby avatar to a site can improve its accessibility standards compliance by helping you reach every user.


Our large library of premade gestures and facial expressions and real-time animation engine help you offer a more natural and engaging interface for online customers than the typical sterile help bubbles.

Video Output

For our customers who’d like to integrate an animated character into their static content – such as e-learning lessons or marketing materials – we offer the ability to output your avatar’s “scenes” as transparent WebM video.


Integrating the avatar with internal systems or third-party tools can add to the personalization by using context and customer insight by detecting what the customer has been doing on the site or asking the avatar.

In What Ways Can You Use CodeBaby Avatars?

E-Learning Avatar

Adding an animated character to your e-learning content can improve engagement and retention and lead to better outcomes for students.

Form Completion

Our avatars can intervene when users are about to abandon a form and help them complete them, increasing form completion rates.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Our avatars are designed to provide empathy and support to users - leading to increased engagement and better outcomes in remote patient monitoring.

FAQ Avatar

Getting customers the right information as soon as possible is critical to keeping them happy. Utilize the information from your FAQ page with our avatars.

Want to Learn More About the Science Behind AI Avatars?