Go Beyond Artificial Intelligence

It’s time for emotional intelligence

You hear so much about how Artificial Intelligence is changing business.
We make it easy for you to better serve your customers with AI.
We improve their experience with Emotional Intelligence.

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Our Mission

To create a user interface that gives people access to complex, life-improving technologies while making them feel heard and understood. We layer emotional intelligence atop artificial intelligence to make these technologies accessible to all users.

The Avatar Advantages

How do avatars differ from chatbots? We get that question a lot. Chatbots driven by Natural Language Processing (NLP) are much more capable than traditional chatbots. Our avatars use NLP – and a LOT more – to improve the user experience and your outcomes.

Use Cases

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We can tell you all about how our avatars work or how you can use them. But sometimes the best way to understand their potential is to try them yourself.

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