Industry Challenge

Even before the pandemic, patients were gravitating toward technology to help them with chronic conditions, while practitioners were moving toward managing patient care remotely. COVID-19 made what was once looked at as a convenience into a medical necessity.

But remote patient monitoring requires a commitment from patients, and it’s critical to keep them engaged and supported on an ongoing basis for the best outcomes.

The Statistics

Our Solution

Our avatars are designed to provide empathy and support to users, making what could otherwise seem like a mundane task into a much richer experience. Our avatars can keep patients on task, prompting them for the necessary information for their condition while allowing for any questions or other requests from the patient.

Our integration capabilities mean our avatars can store the information they gather from patients into an EHR or other system intended to track patient progress and care. It can also be set up to notify practitioners if monitored stats require intervention. Integration can also allow the avatar to display previous data for the patient and can change the questions asked and information provided based on gathered data.

Want to see a simple COPD demo in action? Check out our demos page.