Industry Challenge

When customers walk into many brick-and-mortar stores, they’re able to shop on their own or find an associate to help them find and answer questions about their products. The DIY nature of online shopping means customers are often left on their own to figure out the best products for them. There’s no associate to help guide them to the right product decision or to make them confident that they should buy those items in their cart.

The Statistics

Our Solution

Our e-commerce assistant has the best of all worlds that customers look for in a sales associate. Our avatar is there if you need to ask about products or services, but she’s never pushy. And you never need to wait until she’s done helping another customer or roam aisles looking for help. She’s always there, always friendly, always eager to help. She’s available when your brick-and-mortar stores are closed.

Our avatars can be “educated” with general information about product types or specific information about individuals products. If your store carries third-party items, you can even monetize your avatar by offering companies paid opportunities to have their products featured by your avatar.

Our avatars are especially helpful for products that might be require more customer education. Want to see one of our e-commerce avatars in action? Visit Jaz at WellWallah