Contact Center Call Deflection

Industry Challenge

The Problem You Face :

Too much time and too many resources are used answering repetitive customer questions. High rates of turnover among contact center employees means getting customer service representatives up to speed to help on those calls is costly. Uneven distribution of calls can lead to long wait times to talk to a human, and with those come unhappy customers.

Automation is critical to serve customers more efficiently and to save companies money. Additionally, reducing the number of basic, repetitive requests frees up agents to handle more complex issues, leading to greater job opportunity and less turnover. (source)

The statistics

The Bottom Line:


Average cost of a 6-minute customer support call


Average time agents are unable to take calls


Average call abandonment rate

Our Solution

How We Can Help

Our avatars are perfectly positioned to solve a number of contact center shortcomings. By being fully scalable and available 24/7, there’s never a worry about the availability of customer service agents to take a call. If your business experiences a surge of calls or is struggling to fully staff, our avatars can be a front-line solution to take the load off your reps.

The average turnover rate for contact center employees is 58%. You spend a lot of time training people over and over only to have them leave. Why? Many are bored by answering the same basic questions over and over and fail to see an opportunity to advance. Others feel they’re overworked and that the call center is understaffed. (source)

When you add an avatar to your site, those easy questions are answered, and your agents are free to spend time on more complex cases that require human intervention. Avatars help your customers at a much lower cost than a call, and there’s no need to worry about spikes in questions. Your avatars are scalable so you’ve always got a way for all of your users to find the help they need

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We’ve built a sample conversation within Health Care to demonstrate how an avatar can provide information, answer questions, and access account data to provide immediate assistance without using valuable human resources.

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