Industry Challenge

While many corporate websites offer users a lot of self-serve account management, a move that is intended to make life easier for customers, often these efforts end up just frustrating them. If it’s not clear to a user how to manage their account information online, they’ll call you and cost you unnecessarily.

The Statistics

Our Solution

Statistics in other industries show similar adoption of online account management capabilities when self-service options are offered. With that many people trying to execute often complex transactions and processes online, the need for support is vast.

That said, the need for support in these situations is also often repetitive. An avatar can provide generalized helpful information to customers with questions. Or with an integration into your account management system, avatars can answer account-specific questions, greatly reducing the need for call-center support. And by allowing avatars to handle the most common questions, you free up your customer service agents to answer the more complex questions that require human intervention.

Give it a Try

We’ve built a sample conversation within Health Care to demonstrate how an avatar can provide information, answer questions, and access account data to provide immediate assistance without using valuable human resources.