Use Cases

Put Our Avatars to Work For You

How Can CodeBaby Work For You?

The following are a few of the ways that you can use our avatars to deliver a better experience for your customers.  

Account Assistance

Self-service account features are supposed to make life easier for customers - but sometimes they lead to more frustration instead. Use our avatars as first-line help team members to guide customers in managing their account information online.

Contact Center Call Deflection

Spend less time and fewer employee hour resources answering repetitive customer questions by using our avatars- available 24 hours!

Form Completion

Customer frustration with online forms leads to high form abandonment. Our avatars can assist in form completion and increase the completion rate.

E-Commerce Assistant

Consider our avatars your very own online shop assistant - one that can be available no matter what the time of day!

E-Learning Avatars

E-learning can be tough. Studies have shown that adding an animated character can make it a little easier.

FAQ Avatar

Want to have a friendly face available to answer questions about your business any time, day or night? Your customers do.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Now more than ever, patients and doctors are looking for solutions in technology for case management and remote patient care. Our avatars can help increase successful outcomes by increasing engagement and support.

Navigational Assistant

Sometimes all the planning in the world can't make your website as easy to navigate as it needs to be. Our avatars can help your online customers find whatever they need - even with their voice - easier than ever!
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