Ready to see just what CodeBaby Avatars are capable of? Here are just a few of our walk throughs and demonstrations of our avatars in use.  

E-Commerce Assistant

Meet Jaz, your e-commerce assistant
Jaz is our online assistant at WellWallah who helps site visitors learn about CBD, what types of products are best based on people’s needs, and answering general wellness-related questions. Jaz can walk users through informational conversations and at any time is available to answer open-ended questions. Her chatbox at the bottom of the screen allows visitors to type questions and responses if they prefer. And users can click to see a transcript of their conversation.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Want to Meet Holly?

We’ve put together a demo site so you can see how our conversational AI powers our Avatar, Holly, to gather patient information while still being available to answer questions. She’ll also show you how she tracks your input (which can be sent to a third-party application) while being able to answer your questions at any time during the experience.

Feel free to ask questions about COPD or about Holly. She’ll answer you and be sure to keep you on track!

ChatGPT Demos

With the release of ChatGPT, we’ve added Generative AI capabilities to our agent options. While the technology is new, and its responses aren’t necessarily reliable, we’ve begun exploring the best and safest ways to integrate the service into our avatars and into our back-end conversation tools.

Sign up for access to any ChatGPT demos we release using this form. We will continue to feature additional use cases on this demo page as we release them.

Conversation Demos

We’ve created some sample conversations for different use cases that you can try out right here on this site. Select from the demo conversations below to see some of the capabilities of our avatars to help your customers find the information they need.

Luggage Finder

See how Anna can help with missing bags claims to assist frustrated travel customers.

Retail Customer Service Agent

Claire can help with orders and account management.

Health Insurance

Taylor can help you find a new doctor, benefits information, or claim status.

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