Our Technology

Our core technology relies on Artificial Intelligence-powered Natural Language Processing, Speech Recognition, Synthesized Speech, and Animation Generation. While we have default services for all of those functions, we’ve built our platform to be provider-agnostic. So if your organization uses Amazon Polly for NLP instead of Google DialogFlow, we can work with you on that integration.

Our platform flexibility also enables integration with any number of external APIs to read data to inform the conversation or its contexts and to write to any system with a JSON-based API.

By creating our architecture to be highly capable of integrating with most APIs, our avatars can adopt hundreds, if not thousands, of capabilities to improve a user’s experience.


Want to identify where a user is connecting from so you can give them state-specific information about your products or services? No problem. Need to have our avatars send information received from users to a record for that customer or patient? We can do that. Do you have to provide different account advice based on a specific user and their settings? We can do that, too. In short, if you have a system to send and receive data to make a customer’s experience better, odds are we can integrate with it. If you need functionality from a third-party API? That’s available, too. If your contact center software has an API, we can also integrate to be able to escalate customer inquiries to a human as required.

Our solutions team will work with you to determine your goals for your customer interactions, the information or systems you have available to inform these interactions, and the technology required for each. Based on what we learn, we can recommend and develop an avatar who helps your customers and coordinates with your data.


With the release of ChatGPT, we’ve added Generative AI capabilities to our agent options. While the technology is new, and its responses aren’t necessarily reliable, we’ve begun exploring the best and safest ways to integrate the service into our avatars and into our back-end conversation tools. Our two newest use cases features ChatGPT in different ways. In our first, we use Google Dialogflow ES for our primary conversation and use ChatGPT for our Default Fallback Intents. In our second, you can connect directly with ChatGPT to explore our avatar with a fully Generative AI-based conversation. Sign up for access to any ChatGPT demos we release using this form. We will continue to feature additional use cases on this demo page as we release them.
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