Google Dialogflow ES & CX

Do you use Google Dialogflow ES or CX to manage your chatbot or IVR conversations? If so, the work you’ve already done to develop your interactions can be used to power an engaging, empathetic avatar – in a matter of minutes!

Why Use an Avatar?

Adding an empathetic animated character to the conversations you’ve already created can make those interactions more engaging and more accessible to your customers, providing you an additional way to communicate while leveraging the work you’ve already done. Our animated character can improve form completion, decrease contact center call volume, and provide an easier-to-use, accessible interface for users for whom traditional text-based chatbots are too difficult or impersonal to use.

The Statistics

How Does it Work?

Our avatars connect to your Google Dialogflow conversations via service accounts and keys. Once connected, our avatars can “perform” responses as you’ve written them – or you can use CBML, our proprietary markup language, to enhance the avatar’s delivery of the content. If you need to change your conversation, you just make the changes to your Dialogflow agent and save (Dialogflow ES) and deploy (Dialogflow DX) to make sure your avatar’s conversation is up-to-date at all times.

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