Press Release – Feb. 14, 2023 – New CodeBaby Website Features Improved Demos, ChatGPT Integration

The introduction of the new functionality highlights company’s commitment to emerging technologies

MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN, USA, February 14, 2023 — CodeBaby President, Norrie Daroga, introduced the launch of the company’s new website, marking over ten years of research and development in Conversational AI Avatars. The new version of the site integrates technology that can provide friendly, accessible, easy-to-use characters to create an engaging online user experience.

Site visitors can experience friendly conversations with an avatar giving real-time responses and demonstrating functionality such as remote patient monitoring, health insurance assistance, customer support, and e-Learning. Special attention was given to fine tuning quick responses and the humanization of digital personas. The addition of Chat GPT integration brings Generative AI to the CodeBaby suite of integrated technologies.

CodeBaby has deployed its Conversational AI Avatars in corporate training and customer service as well as educational environments. “Technology is changing every day,” says CodeBaby President, Norrie Daroga. “We continue to provide our clients with tools that allow them to use the latest features as they become available, maintaining our tradition of adopting new innovations that empower users.”

“The launch of our new site, is now complete with more robust guidance from our site avatar, Anna. The Chat GPT integration shows off how helpful our avatars are as we enthusiastically – but carefully – embrace exciting new technologies,” said Michelle Collins, CodeBaby VP of Operations & Product Development.

CodeBaby, Inc is located at 445 W. Oklahoma Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53207


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