Press Release – Feb. 1, 2022 – CodeBaby, Inc. and Elzware, Ltd. Announce Partnership Bringing Top-Tier Conversational Engineering Capabilities to CodeBaby’s High-Engagement Platform


CodeBaby, Inc. and Elzware, Ltd. Announce Partnership Bringing Top-Tier Conversational Engineering Capabilities to CodeBaby’s High-Engagement Platform

Partnership Brings CodeBaby’s Animated Avatars to Elzware’s Conversational AI

Milwaukee, WI: CodeBaby, Inc., today announced a new partnership with UK-based Elzware, Ltd. This partnership will enable Elzware to offer animated avatars to its Conversational AI clients while offering CodeBaby customers access to top-tier conversation architects. 

“Our clients often need to convert their existing content into conversation, a task which many of them would prefer to outsource.  We have collaborated with Elzware on projects in the past and have been impressed with the knowledge of conversational engineering they possess,” says Norrie Daroga, President of CodeBaby. “Phil has been an innovator in this field, and many of our team members in Bristol, England, worked with him before joining us.”

“We love the fresh, fun and cool animation characteristics that CodeBaby brings to our stable of services.” says Phil D.Hall, Owner of Elzware. “The lightness of touch and ease of integration into websites aligns well with our offerings in education, entertainment and healthcare. Further we think that this step forwards bodes well for organizations who have outgrown the capabilities of their current chatbot software.”

The partnership will bring benefits to customers of both companies, including:

  • Easy deployment of a highly engaging customer experience leveraging sophisticated Conversational AI.
  • Additional advanced Conversation architecture resources for CodeBaby clients.
  • An easy on-ramp to try out Avatars looking towards embracing the Metaverse in all its flavors.

About CodeBaby, Inc.: The CodeBaby teams come with over 20 years of experience in animation, gaming and artificial intelligence. The company was one of the first 100 companies to commercialize IBM Watson® technology for clients such as the Veterans Administration. Currently the CodeBaby platform leverages Natural Language Processing and Synthesized voice from a variety of cloud-based platforms, offering integrations of its dynamically generated Avatars with new and existing customer conversations.

About Elzware, Ltd.: Elzware is a UK based company which has specialized in developing and supporting Conversational Systems across: commercial, governmental, gaming, healthcare, and educational sectors since 2002. With a select group of partners, it has created an effective, agile, and robust business-focussed approach over scores of full-life-cycle developments.

The deliverables are transparent and understandable utilizing qualitative as well as quantitative data working with social scientific methods as well as computational and statistical.

Rather than deflecting humans from contact with other humans for the sake of it, our consultancy actions and built systems are personalized to the dialogue at hand. This gives maximum support to the user ensuring effective information delivery before handing over, where appropriate, to a human where required or escalating multi-modally.


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