User Guide

Welcome to the CodeBaby User Guide. This is your home for documentation and links to help you implement your CodeBaby Avatars on your site or application.

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Getting Started

If you haven’t already, sign up for a free trial account on the Codebaby Admin Portal.

Google Dialogflow

As of our current release (September 2022), our avatars connect with Google Dialogflow ES and CX for Natural Language Processing capabilities (other platforms will be supported in future releases). If you use a different platform or don’t need NLP capabilities but would like to use the avatar, contact us at to learn more about our API that will allow you to create custom conversation connections using our platform.

To connect your avatar to your Google Dialogflow conversation, you will need to create a service account and key and upload them in our partner portal.

Click to watch our video on how to set up your service account and key.

CodeBaby Markup Language (CBML)

Our proprietary Tagging Language – CodeBaby Markup Language (CBML) – allows you control of your avatars gestures, screen interactions, vocalization details, and more within the context of the conversation responses you are creating. Think of them as stage directions on a script, and your avatars are the actors.

You can create your response text and add the mark-up in the Response Generator tab of our Partner Portal. For more details on how this powerful tagging system works, see our CBML guide here.

Tutorial Videos

Coming soon!