Help: Google Dialogflow

Connecting to Google Dialogflow

Currently (as of Feb. 2022) CodeBaby supports Google’s Dialogflow ES and CX NLP systems (more vendors will be added in 2022). You will need to create a Dialogflow account and service account key to connect our Avatar to your conversation(s).

We have created an instructional video that walks you through how to create the appropriate keys in your Google Cloud Console. Once you have created your key, download your JSON file. You will need that to connect your avatar to your conversation.

Video: Creating Service Account and Key

Helpful Links:

Dialogflow ES Console:

Dialogflow CX Console:

Google Dialogflow (CX) Agent ID

If you’re using Dialogflow CX, also make note of the agent and environment IDs for the conversation you want to connect.

To find your agent ID, go to your Project selection page (, and click on the three dots for the agent you would like to use. Select the Copy Name option in the pulldown menu. Paste the value in your text editor. After “agents/” in the name should be a string of numbers, letters, and hyphens. This value is your Agent ID. You will enter that as the Agent ID in the Dialogflow section of the Portal.

Google Dialogflow (CX) Environment ID

To find your Environment ID, go to the Manage Tab inside the Agent you’d like to use for your conversation. Click on the “Environments” option on the left sidebar. Mouse over the environment you’d like to use, click on the “Copy Environment Name to Clipboard” option (it looks like a stack of two pieces of paper), and paste the value into your text editor. There will be a string of letters, numbers, and hyphens after the “environments/” section of the string. That value is your Environment ID. You will enter that as the Environment ID in the Dialogflow section of the Portal.