Dynamic Output

What Are Dynamic Avatars?

Our standard “dynamic” avatars render client-side experiences real time based on data fed to them either from a Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine or directly from another source via our API. When the text content from your source or the NLP is sent to our system, in an instant, our servers instantly render the synthesized speech, lip syncs, character gestures, screen interactions, and chat interface to display the content for end users.

Why is Dynamic Content So Important?

Dynamic content is crucial for easy-to-update, detail-oriented, personalized information to be conveyed from the avatar to your end users. Pre-rendered animations can limit the avatar’s use of real-time data, for example, such as account balances or customer names.

Dynamic content rendering also makes it easy for you to make changes to your conversations and deploy them as soon as you’re happy with the content. Because the avatars are “acting” on demand, you don’t have to wait for changes you want to make.

Dynamic Avatars In Use

The use cases for our dynamic avatars are only limited by your imagination. Here are some that we’ve discussed with clients, prospects, and our own internal R&D teams.

  • Real-time account data: Need the avatar to inform your customers of their bank account balance or the funds left in their Health Savings Account? Connect our avatars to your back-end APIs so she can provide that information as requested.
  • Personalized conversations: Improve the engagement on your site by enabling the avatar to use your customers’ names while addressing them.
  • Real-Time Conversation Updates: Because the avatars are rendering your conversations on the fly, you can change your conversations and immediately deploy them to your avatar – no need to wait for custom animations.
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