About Us​

The team behind CodeBaby has been developing animated solutions to improve online experiences for nearly 20 years. A history of partners and acquisitions has brought the company to a place where it employs best-of-breed solutions cultivated over years by teams of experts in animation, AI, conversation, and customer experience.


Where We Came From

Geppetto Avatars

Founder Norrie Daroga was the CEO of a company in the elder care marketing and was looking for a scalable solution to gather nuanced information from family caregivers with an emphasis on privacy, education, and compassion. Co-Founder Mark Stephen Meadows had published a book, ‘I, Avatar’ and was interested in pushing the role of Virtual Service Avatars into new territory.


The two joined forces in 2012, gained access to IBM’s Watson platform in 2015, and developed a fully interactive, compassionate, and highly effective health assistant, serving some of the largest healthcare companies in North America. The company later became idAvatars.

Mark has since moved on to other projects, while Norrie remains at the helm of the company.


In 2001, two doctors in Canada developed proprietary tools which allowed clients to implement beautifully animated training courses and tutorials without much technology expertise. They called the venture CodeBaby and built a company that leveraged emotional engagement and gaming expertise to drive interaction and retention for Fortune 500 customers within healthcare, financial services, banking, and eCommerce.

Where We Are Today

In 2016, idAvatars acquired CodeBaby, and the teams set about to combine CodeBaby’s tooling to simplify animation processes with idAvatars’ growing body of work, putting an empathetic face to advanced AI conversations and engagements.

Today, the company has been successful in fully modernizing and integrating CodeBaby’s proprietary animation tools with the technology platform of the two predecessor companies. The result is far greater than the sum of its parts.

Contact us today to see how CodeBaby can put a friendly, capable face to your online service offer by delivering conversational and personalized education and assistance to your customers.

While the company’s name may have changed as it grew to be what it is today, its core mission of putting a friendly, empathetic face on the disparate technologies that make up the online world has always been its North Star.

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