This Week In Voice Podcast: CodeBaby President Norrie Daroga Joins the Panel for the Season Premiere

This Week In Voice, the conversational AI news discussion roundtable, is proud to return for its ninth season. Hosted by Bradley Metrock (CEO, Project Voice; General Partner, Project Voice Capital Partners), the show talks through the news of the week related to natural language-based AI with a who’s-who of executives and leaders working with the technology.


Guests: Enric Plana (CEO, M47 Labs), Norrie Daroga (President, Codebaby), Christoph Esslinger (CEO, VUI Agency), Dr. Yared Alemu (CEO, TQIntelligence)


Stories for discussion:

1) OpenAI Launches ChatGPT Enterprise, The Company’s Biggest Announcement Since ChatGPT’s Debut (CNBC)

1a) How One Elite University Is Approaching ChatGPT This School Year (MIT Technology Review)

2a) Trump Accused Of Using AI Or An Impersonator For Interview (NY Post)

2b) AI Trump Voice Used In DeSantis Campaign Ad (WESH ABC 2)

3) Dad Shocked As Five-Year-Old Son Uses Amazon Alexa To Order A Hot Tub And $1,000 In Toys (LAD Bible)


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