Star Trek’s William Shatner Explores AI Ethics w/ ProtoBot Hologram Avatar: Unraveling Tech’s Future

In this riveting interaction, William Shatner, famed Star Trek actor, delves deep into the world of AI with the Protobot holographic assistant, powered by CodeBaby. Shatner’s AI views are juxtaposed against the AI’s self-aware responses about impartiality, bias, and its own programming. Touching on profound topics, the duo discusses the AI’s understanding of justice, its commitment to ethical programming, and the challenges it faces regarding impartiality and bias.

As the discussion unfolds, viewers witness a unique AI and human rapport building, echoing Shatner’s iconic Star Trek vision and the realities of today’s conversational technology. Dive into this engaging conversation to explore the potential and apprehensions surrounding AI’s evolution, its place in entertainment, and its alignment with historical and modern ethical perspectives.

Don’t miss out on Shatner’s insightful take on the fusion of technology and nature, the possibilities of immutable programming, and the broader philosophical debates around AI.

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