Big Pond – Employee Orientation

BigPond’s award winning elearning module features a digital comic book showcasing CodeBaby Characters. The main character, Lily, walks employees through corporate culture.



Medtronic Employee Orientation

A leader in immersive learning simulations, W/ (say: “W slash”) uses CodeBaby Characters to captivate participants. Watch CodeBaby Character “Alex” introduce employees to Medtronic’s company expectations and values.



Grant Thornton – eLearning Program

Global finance firm Grant Thornton uses CodeBaby technology to train its thousands of auditors and accountants worldwide. This demo features modules from their training program.

High Performance Tires Sales Training

This leading tire manufacturer utilized CodeBaby Characters to train their employees on the technical aspects of their wide range of tire products.



Symmetree – Delivering Feedback

Symmetree, a leader in innovative instructional design practices that include Emotional Intelligence and NLP Theory, uses CodeBaby Characters to improve material retention and foster trust with complex information.



AirForce/Tier 1 – eLearning Cyber Security

Air Force Research Laboratory awarded TiER 1 Performance Solutions, experts in the field of Accelerated Learning, a developer contract for Cyber Security Training. See how Airman Steiner and Col. Kendricks make Cyber Security Training engaging and challenging.