How can CodeBaby Avatars be used for E-Learning?

You can use our video outputs to integrate into off-line or static e-learning modules, or you can use our dynamic Conversational AI avatars to provide a real-time interactive experience for your learners. (Or why not both?)

Our static video output avatars are rendered as transparent video or with a background image of your choice. You download the files and integrate them into your instructional content. Our Conversational AI avatars are driven by a Natural Language Processor, and you can create conversations to lead students through materials – or enable open-ended questions from your learners – for a fully-engaged educational experience.

Customer Gallery

See what some of our previous customers have done to improve their instructional content with our CodeBaby Avatars.

Toys R Us

BF Goodrich

Taco Bell

Clear Wipes

Logan City Council


Contact CodeBaby today for a no-pressure consultation. We will help you determine whether an Avatar is right for your E-Learning program. And if now isn’t the time or an Avatar isn’t a good fit for your service delivery model, then we’ll be glad we met and pleased to have shared more about CodeBaby's Avatar Advantage.