health advisor

The CIVA health advisor solution turns your office patient into an ePatient.

Health advisor encourages patients to engage online for a range of circumstances. Engage new patient visitors on your hospital or office website and differentiate care with 3D interactive CIVA. Offer enhanced symptom navigation with audio explanations, enable doctor/patient compatibility with improved doctor and hospital search accuracy, or drive better health behaviors with guided health monitoring.




  • encourages online engagement
  • positively impacts clinical outcomes
  • lowers operating expenses
  • increases PHR adoption and usage rates
  • reduces readmission rates
  • enhances clinical staff satisfaction
  • deflects office and hospital calls
    for routine situations

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Loretta is able to answer commonly asked questions such as what to expect on their first appointment, what the tests are like, and she’s even able to take appointments right online. Loretta creates an inviting first contact for patients who are experiencing allergies for the first time.

Enable patients with dynamic self-service.

Regardless of government regulations such as HITECH and Meaningful Use, there’s a growing demand from patients to move health services and interactions online.

According to a recent Accenture study, over 90% of patients want some form of online self-service options with their doctor or hospital. But, nearly half aren’t even aware if their health records are available or are only made aware at the time of a significant event.

CIVA health advisor can help smooth the transition to online health management. Patients can be guided through the PHR process, receive pre and post procedure education, and get contextually relevant advice on procedures, diseases, and treatment costs.

virtual assistant options


CIVA 2D is a non-animated two-dimensional character with speech and text or text only.
CIVA 3D is a fully animated three-dimensional character with speech and text or text only.
CIVA Text is a non-character virtual assistant that provides text only communication.
CIVA Voice is a non-character virtual assistant with speech and text or text only.


CLR or conversation language response uses scripted conversations (speech and text or text only) based on action paths, menu driven options, and calls-to-action. CLR can be used in combination with NLR to drive specific behaviors while allowing for everyday responses from the audience and virtual assistant.
NLR or natural language response can be used in combination with any character manifestation. This type of technology allows customers and the virtual assistants to use everyday language to accomplish self-service objectives.



Without causing IT disruptions, benefits advisor seamlessly integrates via cloud overlay into any proprietary platform which can be delivered via kiosk, desktop or mobile device.

From enrollment to ongoing health guidance, CIVA benefits advisor closes the gaps and keeps the engagement process going.

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